Decorative Metal Railings

Decorative Metal Railings

Couturier’s manufacturing process for railing systems is specially designed to meet the needs of staircase railing designs with decorative metal railings. Design options for railings for stairs are numerous and include aluminum railing, steel railing, stainless railing, cable railing, glazed decorative metal railings and iron handrails.

Our non-ferrous metal railing components are designed for 1/2″ tempered glass with polished exposed edges. Other glass thicknesses are available upon request or as required, along with laminated glass, plexi-glass and custom etchings for even more detail.

As with our stairways, all railing systems and their components are fabricated in-house insuring the entire process is controlled by collaboration within our own team leading to seamless communication and execution.

Decorative Metal Railing Types

  • Aluminum Railings
  • Steel & Metal Railings
  • Stainless Steel Railings
  • Iron Handrails
  • Glazed Decorative Metal Railings

Other Types of Decorative Railings

  • Cable Railings
  • Decorative Glass Railings

Bissell Homecare: #63218

Bissell Homecare, Inc. Grand Rapiods, MI. Custom Stainless Steel and Glass Railings with Walnut Cap-rail.
llegan Street Parking

Allegan Parking: #47110

Allegan Street Parking, Lansing, MI. Oval Cap Aluminum Fully Welded System with Powder Coat Finish 7,000 Lin. Ft.

Barton Malow Headquarters

Barton Malow Headquarters: #21701

Barton Malow Headquarters, Southfield, MI. Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Railings.

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Bronson Hospital: #6498

Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI. Ornamental Ssttel Painted Railings with Glass Panels.

Farmington State Bank

Farmington State Bank: #44809

Farmington State Bank, Farmington, CT. Tempered Glass Railings with Wood Cap and Brass Handrails.

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern Univ: #25802

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. Tempered Frosted Glass and Stainless Steel Railngs.

Grosse Pointe Public Library

Grosse Pointe Woods Library: #33705

Grosse Pointe Public Library, MI. Scalloped Tempered Glass & Stainless Steel Railngs.


Haworth: #5396

Haworth Corp. Headquarters, Holland, MI. Temered Glass Railngs with Stainless Steel Groove Tube Cap.

Holland Hospital

Holland Hospital: #31204

Holland Hospital, Holland, MI. Stainless Steel with Patterned Glass and Wood Handrail.


Kalamazoo Airport: #46310

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl. Airport, Kalamazoo, MI. Tempered Glass Railings with Stainless Steel Handrail and Stainless Steel Cap Rail.

Lansing Center

Lansing Center: #35193

Lansing Center, Lansing, MI. Ornamental Iron and Stainless Steel Railings.

Little River Casino Resort

Little River Casino Exterior: #37006

Little River Casino Resort, Manistee, MI. Custom Hotel Balcony Railing with Sunburst.

Little River Casino Resort

Little River Casino Interior: #37006-2

Little River Casino Resort, Manistee, MI. Wrought Iron Picket Railings with Wood Top Cap.

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids

Marriot Hotel Interior Balconies: #39506

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI. Tempered Glass Atrium Railngs.

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids

Marriot Hotel Interior: #38506

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI. Tempered Glass Railngs on Stairway and Balcony.

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids

Marriot River Front: #39506

Marriot Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI. Stainless Steel Cable Railings.

Michigan Opera House

Michigan Opera House: #32605

Michigan Opera House, Detroit, MI. Custom Stainless Steel Railings.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

MSHDA: #14699

Michigan State Housing Development Authority Bldg. Ornamental Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Railings.

Nusoft Solutions

Nusoft Solutions: #34405

Nusoft Solutions, Cascade, MI. Custom Stailess Steel and Glass Railings. (Stairway by Others).

Oakland University

Oakland College: #55996

Oakland University, Rochester, MI. Spiral Staircase, Stainless Steel & Glass Railings at Pool Area, Glass & Wood Rails at Commons.

Oaklawn Hospital

Oaklawn Hospital: #46410

Oaklawn Hospital, Marshall, MI. Aluminum Exterior Railings, Seven Line Fully Welded & Clear Anodized.

Overture Center for the Art

Overture Center for the Arts: #24602

Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI. Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Guardrails.

Penn State University

Penn State Univ: #35105

Penn State University. Painted Steel and Stainless Steel Cable Railing with Cap.

Petoskey Casino

Pestokey Casino: #39816

Petoskey Casino, MI. Custom Divider railings at Lounge.

Private Residence

Private Residence: #43108

Private Residence, Ada, MI. Perforated Stainless Steel Infill Panel Railing System.

Richmond International Airp

Richmond Intl Airport: #36806

Richmond International Airport. Welded Aluminum Exterior Guardrails with Perforated Aluminum Sheet.

Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall: #22591

Somerset Mall, Troy, MI. Ornamental Glass, Stainless Steel and wood Guardrails.

University of Toledo Colleg

Univ of Toledo College of Pharmacy: #44909

Iniversity of Toledo College of Pharmacy. Custom Steel Railings with Wood Handrail Cap.

Wharton Center

Wharton Center: #43508

Wharton Center, Michigan State University. Curved Galvanized Guardrails 8-Line Steel with Painted Finish.

Willow Bend

Willow Bend: #46910

The Shops at Willow Bend, Plano, TX. Tempered Glass Rails with Cherry Wood and Aluminum Cap Rail.

Western Michigan University

WMU Brown Hall: #40907

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. Custom Aluminum Railings with Powdercoat Paint Finish.

WMU Human Health

WMU Human Health: #26603

Western Michigan University College of Health & Human Services. Tempered Glass, Aluminum Guardrails With Wood Sub-rail.

 Accident Fund Lansing

Michigan Catholic Conference #20501

Mi. Catholic Conference Bldg. Lansing, MI. Painted Aluminum Guardrails With Custom Infill Panels.

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