Staircase and Railing Specifications


Specifying Ornamental Metals

Couturier knows well that a quality ornamental curved stairway, straight stairway or railing project begins with specifying a qualified manufacturer. The first and most important step in achieving a quality finish ornamental package is assigning it's own CSI Division of 05700, 05710, 05715 or 05720 into your specification.

Too often the assumption is made that ornamental metals are just an extension of the general metal fabrication division. By using the correct 05700 division, you can be assured that your project will be completed by qualified professionals who are specialized and experienced the industry. This will also ensure that your finished work will adhere to the building codes and maintain it's beauty through the years.

If you're a specifier, architect or designer, we offer a wide variety of resources for you during the planning phase of your project. Even though metal forming is an old art, the craft is ripe for innovation and we keep up on the latest developments, tools and techniques which we share with our clients here.

We offer spiral staircase design as well as architectural railing design and even ornamental railing design tools here for you to use in your project.

When you need to utilize our services for the actual fabrication of components, this area of our site offers ornamental staircase and railing specifications. Most of these resources are available digitally for import directly into your project documents.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need additional clarification or have questions of the assets we provide.




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Staircase and Railing Specification Downloads

The purpose of the specification page is to assist the design professional in correctly specifying Decorative metal Staircases and Railing products and the installation of them. The design professional needs to edit the provided specification to adapt to the needs design of their project.

Specifications for Couturier Iron Craft Stairways and Railings systems are provided Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Rich Text Format, Ascii Text and  Adobe PDF formats (PDF requires Acrobat Reader).

Please Note: It is very important that the Notes to the Specifier are visible while you are editing. For example, if using Word, use Tools/Options/Hidden Text to display these notes.


Download our FREE 057100  Decorative Metal Stairs Specs!


Download our FREE 057300  Decorative Metal Railings Specs!

Our specs will assist the design professional in correctly specifying decorative metal staircase products and the installation of them.

You will benefit from:

  • Our specs simplify your design process!
  • Specs for Couturier Iron Craft stairways and railings systems are provided in Microsoft Word format.

By downloading our FREE specs, you will gain a head start on your quality curved stairway, straight stairway or railing project. stairway, straight