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Stairway Images


Custom staircase design, decorative metal stairs and unique ornamental railings are often a top choice by many designers. A circular staircase, curved stairway or spiral staircase offers unlimited choices including metal stairs and original stairway stringers to serve particular design specifications.

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Railing Images


Couturier's manufacturing process for railing systems is specially designed to meet the needs of staircase railing designs with decorative metal railings. Design options for railings for stairs are numerous and include aluminum railing, steel railing, stainless railing, cable railing, glazed decorative metal railings and iron handrails.

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Architectural Metal Images

Architectural Metals

Working with architectural metals is another service offered by Couturier Iron Craft. We have considerable experience working with architectural brass, architectural stainless steel and architectural aluminum. If you've spent any time in West Michigan, odds are you've encountered some of the many completed works we've crated, built, and installed.

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