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Ornamental Metals: 3 Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Posted by Leander Rabe on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Gates, stairways, balustrades, portals, balconies, fences, trellises, domes, ornamental signage...the list is endless in the ways ornamental metals can be utilized to enhance and beautify any architectural design project.

And while a wide variety of methods is available for fabricating your selected metals, Water Jet Cutting can provide some distinct and desirable advantages.

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We briefly offer these 3 for your consideration:

• Environmentally Friendly

Construction industry professionals and building owners alike are increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of the construction process. With this in mind, they desire to improve their "Green" image by incorporating methods and materials that reduce environmental impact before, during and after construction, but without sacrificing the superior design aesthetic they've envisioned. Fortunately, these do not have to be mutually exclusive goals.

The environmental impact of Water Jet Cutting is inherently low because the high-pressure, high-velocity water doesn't use any caustic chemicals and creates no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone). The lack of a HAZ ensures there is no fire hazard or generation of noxious fumes and the material experiences very little temperature change, which in turn means no heat distortion or crusted areas which can help remove the need for secondary operations. There is also very little dross or other waste and the water used remains safe and non-toxic.

• Ultra-Precision and Cost Savings

Whether your design calls for highly precise clean lines or luxurious architectural ornamentation, Water Jet Cutting offers an amazing level of control and accuracy. Besides providing the ability to create beautifully intricate designs, the Water Jet's narrow kerf (typically about 0.5 mm wide) means very little material is removed, resulting in less scrap, which can represent a significant savings when using higher-end metals.

• Extremely Versatile

Water Jets can cut nearly any metal, including copper, brass, aluminum, steel (pre-hardened, mild or 304 stainless), titanium, glass, ceramic, quartz, stone and more. They are also effective where other methods are limited, such as cutting more smoothly and on thicker materials than lasers and working with materials that would melt with plasmas or flame-cutting. In fact, Water Jets are so versatile that they're even used to cut cereal bars? It's true!)

At Couturier Iron Craft, we don't cut candy bars, but we have over 40 years of metal fabrication experience and utilize a wide variety of methods to meet the most challenging of your custom architectural and ornamental metals needs. Water Jet Cutting is one of those methods which can be utilized alone, or in combination with forming, rolling and bending.

No design project is too complex…ornamental architectural elements…spiral staircases…decorative metal railings…contact us today…we'd love to help ensure that your commercial or high end residential project turns out precisely as you envision.


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